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Want to get proteins quickly and tasty? Sounds fabulous. Whether you spend a lot of time in the gym, are recovering from an operation or have a protein deficiency: Fabafull allows you to get a fabulous amount of protein in a delicious way. Plant Power!

Vegetable proteins: strong for you and the world

60% of the proteins we ingest comes from animals. 40% from plants. So we mainly eat animal proteins. Together we can make our food chain a lot more sustainable if we reverse this ratio and make 60% of our protein intake come from plant sources.

healthy protein rich food

What is the best way to eat a healthy, protein-rich diet? And why are proteins so important? Exactly too

what if you don't exercise that much anymore? A lot is written about healthy eating. Both sense and nonsense.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to derive a guideline for yourself from this. Below we list it for you:

why are proteins important

Proteins are an energy source for our body. They contain building blocks that we cannot do without. This is how proteins...

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How much protein per day?

Adults with a normal lifestyle need 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day. Someone...

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Healthy food

We actually already know what healthy eating is. So it is important not to eat too much. And that we have enough proteins.…

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Vegetable proteins

Vegetable proteins make you and nature stronger. Our nature is seriously affected by the loss of biodiversity due to the large-scale production of animal proteins. The world will benefit considerably if we all eat more vegetable proteins instead of meat and dairy. Especially if we get our proteins from a rotation crop such as the faba bean. And did you know that vegetable proteins are also a lot better than their animal brother for conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and even some types of cancer?

Protein-rich food for healthcare

Malnutrition due to protein deficiency among the elderly and vulnerable is a growing problem that results in reduced or absent recovery when health deteriorates. Administering protein-rich snacks can provide an extra protein boost.